Two Days, Then The Knife!

Posted by Anna Zine on August 27, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

By now, you probably realize a few things:

1. I am really bad at updating this site,


2. I finally got around to some updating recently...

I accidently upgraded my site (don't ask me how that happened) and all of my formatting was lost. So, I started anew on creating the site; backgrounds, fonts, coloring, etc. And WHAH-LAH! here's the new and (I hope to God) improved Cleft Cafe! (*whew*) Yipee!

Since I last blogged, I'm sure a lot has happened. Honestly, though, I haven't thought of much.

Junior year ended (thank the goddesses), I quit my job (& went broke), got my first piece of Ceft Cafe fanmail, got a new haircut (astonishing!), went on a few camping and cabining trips, and the family of my dad's girlfriend moved in with us. I guess that's a bit, right?

Oh, and yes, I'm going UNDER THE KNIFE AGAIN...

In TWO days!!

AH! Lordy, lordy.

During the very beginning of this summer, I visited my plastic surgeon who did my last facial constrution surgery in 2011. The procedure had left me a non-deviated septum, a more even nose and lip, and a feminine shnoz....All amazing, spectacular miracles!

{Thank you so much, Dr. Mount & team at UW Children's Hospital!}

Unfortunately, though, my breathing did not improve for very long when my septum was straightened, because my right nostril ended up collapsing. It looks like I have an extremely thick nose-side.

For this reason, on Wednesday I will be given something like an "inner Breath-Right strip" made of cartillage inside of my nose. I will also be recieveing a smaller shnoz tip.

This time, I won't have to stay overnight in the hospital. No, this surgery is much more minor than the last.

I will, however, have to have that same bandage on my face for a week, which is coincidentally also the first week of school (both a blessing AND A CURSE).

My family seems worried about me, but there really isn't going to be anything life-threatening involved. My sister called me to tell me she's scared, and today my mother said it's making her all frazzled. As for my dad, he's keeping quiet about it.

Personally, I suppose I'm  a little nervous. I already have issues socializing at school, so I'm worried that missing the first week (when everyone is joined together again, and all the new students are introduced) will dampen (possibly ruin) my social life this year (or at least the first quarter).

And, of course, I have a little bit of panic inside my tummy about what I'm going to look like afterwards, and how my breathing will (or will not) improve. [I told myself this would be my last nose surgery, and then I should just have to accept my face.]

I have my trust in Dr. Mount, though...She's brilliant.

Are any of you planning on recieveing procedures soon?

I wish the best, if so.

Here are a few pictures I took today of my nose/lip after fully recovering from last year's surgery and before Wednesday's takes place:

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Reply Chelsea Cantonwine
11:39 AM on January 28, 2013 
You are amazing, and absolutely gorgeous! I was just looking for quotes related to clefts because my son is 4 months old born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. We've been in the hospital the past month and a half so I needed some motivation.. I just wanted to let you know you are incredibly strong, and an incredibly beautiful person! (: