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Posted by Anna Zine on February 19, 2013 at 5:20 PM




Last summer (summer 2012) I had my third facial reconstructive surgery. It occured one year after the previous, which was more major.

As I explained in the blog leading up to it, the point of the '12 procedure was to open my airways (in more simple terms) and adjust the shape of my nose one last time.


I expected to write long journals on the Cleft Cafe, recording my surgery experiences, but I faced huge technological issues, issues I did not resolve until quite recently.

So, here I am, planning to discuss what I remember about this past summer...






All in all, was this surgery worth it, I don't know.

As my doctor said, full recovery will take up to one year. But, as of now, six months or so later, I do not notice a difference. My nose breathing hardly improved; the collapse of my right nostril (as a result of two surgeries ago) is still (more or less) there. As for the size of my nose--which was supposed to decrease--I see it as it was before. [Then again, it may be one of those things where others notice a change but you don't.]

I told myself that this 2012 surgery would be the last I have on my face. I am sticking to that...The nose I currently have will be the nose that I will ALWAYS have.


From what I remember of the surgery itself, this is pretty much it:


· I was more nervous than I thought I was going to be.

· When I finally woke up, I cried. Apparently, this is normal haha.

· I spent the night. It was fairly restless, but the nurses were so so so amazing and helpful.

· It took a while to get out to the car; I felt nauseated and had to take rests.

· I did not have a full cast on my face like last time. Rather, it was a bandage on my shnocker.

· My dad took me to REI, where he ran into a friend. He introduced the man to me...I was in a housecoat with what looked like the result of a midnight gang fight haha.

· Recovery was much quicker than the previous.

· I ate loads of Popsicles!

· My mom was super worried about me (and others) bopping my nose...

· I went to the dog park with my (really dirty dirty) bandage and it got disgustingly sweaty underneath. Ugh!

And so on...


Here are some "before" photos I took:



During Recovery:


 Eyes/nose/sinus area swollen, fresh stitches, crusty nose, black eye...:(





Sorry for the bad quality of the photos...all were taken on a webcam!


Well, that's all for now, folks! I'm glad I could finally share this experience with you all!!


'Till next time!


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Reply cog1987
8:12 PM on March 30, 2013 
I always wondered what getting the extra operations would look like. It looks good I hope you have been doing well!
Reply Karl Schonborn
3:35 PM on September 29, 2013 
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