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Anna Zine
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I like listening to music, cooking (I like eating better), baking, singing, writing/blogging, spending time with family, playing games, volunteering, watching movies, running errands, etc. What about you? ;)

[My favorite movies are...let me get back to you on that. My favorite band is Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst. I adore indie/alternative, electronic/techno (Im a techno geek!). I also like honky-tonk (haha, no making fun of me!) and rap (lets make this clear...NOT hip-hop or pop...rap). Very diverse, yes, I know!]


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I like to listen to music, cook/eat, play video games, art/draw, anime, read(w/ interesting facts and images), and anything else you can ask me about.

On music, I listen to metal(like groove metal and nu metal), and dubstep(between hip-hop and other varieties of electronic and techno). My favorite bands varies but here are some: Machine Head, Korn, Slayer, and Sepultura (they're metal), Renard, Eartrash, and Goukisan (they're techno/dubstep). Other music like hip-hop, alt-rock, and ethnic are also good sounding to me.

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Randa Ellis
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My favorite types of music varies. I just listen to whatever amuses me hahah. I really enjoy blogging. I'm always writing fanfiction, and my own stories. I'm really excited, because I'm learning how to play the marimba (its pretty much a big xylophone at least that's what I keep telling people). I like reading. A LOT. Uhh I watch tv a lot. That's pretty much it I think... :P
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I like reading writing watching cable tv (The Mentalist, Law & Order SVU, Touch, Big Bang Theory, Perception, other shows) movies (Disney, YES, I still like Disney movies, just not shows, & action & romantic comedy & comedy, HATE HATE HATE gory & horror xP) I also like music, rap hip hop pop alt rock some spanish music some french music some random asian songs country classical (tiny bit) tiny it of metal, electronic, dubstep,  anything I like, I like lol. Some of my current favorite bands/artists are Shinedown, Threee Days grace Breaking Benjamin, Breathe carolina Boys like Girls (yeah I realize Im lacking commas lol feeling lazy) & thats cause Im kinda in the alt-rock genre right now, but I still like other artists too :D Out of all my hobbie I mostly listen to music & my two favorite hobbies are listening to music & writing & reading but I dont read & write as much as I used to due to time & I really like to LEGIT focus on my reading & writing & thats SOOOO hard to do with school because I put a lot of work into my school work too, or at least i try to. So. yeah. Oh & also play piano & I've done numerous physical sports when I was younger but I dont anymore hahah I try staying active still, a little, failing really badly though lol. Oh & a random one, I like hair braiding lol but I dont braid my air much cause Im lazy. xD


~Bracee ;D

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I LOVE to draw anime watch anime, bake or make sweets and desserts , play piano, violin , ukelele, sing, and play tennis !!!  ;)

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I love listening to music and working on marketing for music artists.

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Molly Loggains
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I love country music including Carrie Underwood, Taylor swift, Miranda Lambert, you name em!!!	
I also LOVE playing in the mud and crawdad fishing!!!:D
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Monica Thomas
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I play bass clarinet in Glacier Peak High School's Wind Ensemble, I play clarinet in marching band, I am on the school tennis team, I am in Girl Scouts, and I joinned FFA (Future Farmers of America) just this year.

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Monica Thomas
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I also like the band Karmin and I listen to basically everything but dubstep, country, and when it comes to rap I only like Macklemore. I love the books The Help, To Kill A Mockingbird, Perks of Being A Wallflower,The Harry Potter series, The King's Speech, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I watch the shows Parks and Recreation, Matlock, Downton Abbey, The Big Bang Theory, Hot In Cleveland, Warehouse 13, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and many other shows. I love the movies Pitch Perfect, The Big Fat Greek Wedding, Calendar Girls, The King's Speech, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, RED, and many other movies.

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Vincent Matthew
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I have a passion for music (I'm studying to be a music major actually :D), so I love singing and playing guitar, uke, and piano. I love old school-gaming and watching anime, and occasionally I make silly videos too. I also like dancing though I'm not really good at it tbh xD

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